Whip Season Naming Contest — Christen Our First Base Vehicle

Whip Season
3 min readNov 21, 2021

Howdy car lovers!

We have something super exciting to announce in this segment of “As The Whip Rides” — Today, we are going to kick-start the first edition of our Whip Season Naming Contest.

Basically, you suggest a fitting name for each of our Ten Base Vehicles, and if your recommended name gets chosen, you will get a free Whip Key that will eventually unlock one of our sleek-looking racing cars. But before we show our maiden Whip to be named, below are the particulars of our contest.

I. Contest Mechanics

A. Eligibility. Each verified member of Whip Season’s Discord server is eligible to submit 1 suggested name for each base vehicle plus the reason why they recommend such name. In case of duplicates, the name will be credited to the earliest person who submitted it.

B. Submission. The name must be submitted in #🎯│name-that-whip discord channel. For each base vehicle, we will announce the exact deadline for the submission. Submissions after the deadline won’t be accepted. To make it easier to check who was able to submit on time, a member of the team will comment ‘cut off’ on the channel during the deadline.

C. Shortlist. Thereafter, the Whip Season team will compile the suggested names, deliberate, and then make a shortlist of the 4 names we deem best.

D. Voting. We will then announce the 4 shortlisted names, including each proponent’s reason for recommending that name, on our Discord server. The community will then be given 48 hours to vote. Each person is only allowed to cast 1 vote, and the person who suggested the name with the highest votes will be chosen as the winner.

II. First Base Vehicle

With the contest mechanics out of the way, it’s time to power up your brain cells and get those creative sparks flying. Without further ado, here’s our maiden base vehicle in all of its glory:

Don’t forget the deadline to submit your suggested name and the inspiration behind it is on Tuesday Nov 23 23;59 UTC.

As an added bonus, the other shortlisted names that didn’t get chosen will get whitelisted for an additional pre-mint.

Given that the Whip Season Naming Contest involves voting, inviting more friends in our Discord server is an advantage. As they say, the more, the merrier. So, let them join in the fun!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhipSeason

Medium: https://whipseason.medium.com/



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